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The Difference Between Concrete Mix and Mortar/Screed Mix.

  • Concrete Mix and Mortar/Screed Mix are similar in some respects.
  • They are both made from the same basic materials: cement, water
  • and aggregate (sand, stone or gravel).
  • But, when it comes to their uses as building materials, concrete and screed mix are very different.
  • : Quality concrete is used for construction and structural tasks.
  • : While mortar/screed is used/applied as a top layer to a concrete/brick base.

Physical differences between concrete and screed:

Concrete and screed are both made from a mixture of cement, water and aggregate. The main difference between the two materials is the type of aggregate that is used. 

When mixing concrete, you add coarse aggregate like gravel to the mix. These small stones are normally 20mm or less in size. This coarse aggregate gives the concrete its strength, durability and workability, and makes it suitable for structural work.

For mixing screed mix, you use fine, sharp sand particles, with a maximum grain size of about 2mm, cement, water and sometimes lime.

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